Thought that a few would find some humour in this.. or just get plain ol annoyed with the system..

Some Quote's from the Newspaper & customers

System which comprises of a 2.40 processor, 256mb_ddr memory, 7200rvm hard drive, CD rewriter, 17inch monitor,, with a new Windowxp home suite 2003 edition
With Each System Purchased get a Free
USB Flash Memory Drive
64 MGB,
like the idea of the Free MGB!

In Stock NOW
Computer Cartridges
Office 2002 refills
Conversation with a School Teacher (high School IT studies..of all things)
Teacher: My computer has blowen up.. I need a new one
und3rtak3r: thats no good, Will you need any special software or hardware with the new machine?
Teacher: I only need the 17" computer I don't want the Hard Drive as well
und3rtak3r: (under breath) ****tard.. thats the monitor ..
Note to self: need to get my daughter into a different IT Studies Class..

Customer #1: does your Windoze XP come with excel?

Customer #2: Does it have the Internet on it?

Customer #3: I need a Virus Anti-Norton for my computer