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Thread: Soundtrack is preceding the video in a movie

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    Soundtrack is preceding the video in a movie

    Hello world,

    I've got a little problem with an AVI movie I've downloaded a few days ago.
    You see, the soundtrack in the movie is preceding the video a few seconds.
    This delay between the soundtrack and the video is really annoying...
    Is there any method/program for setting the soundtrack exactly when to start playing?

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    U might want to try this prog i have here. It scans the mdeia file and lets u know what codec is needed and if there are problems with the file.

    I had the same problem with an avi file before. The picture and the sound were not in sync. the video was fine the sound was fine but together it seemed like a bad dub. But running this prog, it indicated that the file wasnt a valid avi file and once i downloaded the file again, everything worked fine. could have been some corruption in the file previously.

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    You could reencode to another format and sync the sound better.But I would search/ask at a place that specializes in video doom9, pctechtalk ........ (that gspot program is a great proggy for windows and very handy to have around.)
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