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Thread: Missing person

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    Missing person

    I had a pen pal a while ago and i lost contact with her. iwould like to see what ahappen and talk to her again. i need i good site or something to fgind her on the internet with i now what city and street and offcourse name. but not much more. so any help would be great. (i know this topic isn't in the right catagory, sorry)

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    TRY whitepages.com

    you need to know, first and last name along with city/province
    that's the only one i can think of!
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    put it in general chit-chat
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    They live in england so Yahoo people wont work. i'm i know its tin the wrong catagory. i dont know what catagory it would go in. and i said sorry.

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    Try moving it to General Chit Chat (it'll be answered even if it isn't on the first page...I'm more active in GCC than on the first page anyway sometimes, lol)....and I had problems with the Yahoo people search. I left it running all day once and diddn't do anything...how long is it supposed to take? (I had more than enough info, so I don't think it was that)

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    Unless her name is something like "jane smith" ,you know nothing about her and she is a total recluse with no family. This should be quite an easy search using some basic skills , public records ,voting lists, does she drive? , family members names , post office , old email addy, does she have a web presence? , any orginizations she belongs to , school she went to, there are most likely a few sites specific to britian for finding people too. It took me 1 query and 1 minute to find this:

    If a person for personal reasons is looked for, one can turn (in English) to the "section OF Social Security" with the request to pass an openly attached letter on to the looked for person. Because the "section OF Social Security" reacts only to inquiries, which come for purely private--personal reasons, these reasons in writing should be sufficiently occupied:
    Department of Social Security (DSS)
    Special Section A
    Records Branch
    NE98 1XY
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    try some of these ...hope these help ...happy reunion ....

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    Originally posted here by inf0streaker
    They live in england so Yahoo people wont work. i'm i know its tin the wrong catagory. i dont know what catagory it would go in. and i said sorry.
    For searching for english people:

    www.192.com (If you buy some advanced seraches they will do electoral role searches)
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    i personnally like www.ukphoneboook.co.uk

    with a bit of digging its possible to find most people

    if you have the name, and city then your there really, you may have to dig though a few names 50+ish max.

    unless there X-directory your fine


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    Hi Inf0streaker,

    Dial 0044 192

    Thats the international dialling code for Britain and the 192 part is directory enquires.
    Tell em the surname and the street name (preferably with the house number or name)

    They should be able to tell you
    (unless your pen pal has specifically made themselves ex directory)

    PM me and i'll do it for you if you like - I have friends that work there.

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