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Thread: SCO now out for your children!!!

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    SCO now out for your children!!!

    Lindon, UT - The SCO Group announced the launch of a campaign to shoot 1% of all babies born in the US.

    "Statistically, 1% of all people are Linux users. Rather than have these young hoodlums grow up without any respect for our intellectual property, we have chosen to nip it in the bud, as it were," said SCO's CEO, Darl McBride.
    Its a funny read... won't you agree?! LoL

    Read the rest here...
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    Yup...but on a serious not, I hope this things gets settled soon. Its difficult to plan any purchases when finance wont approve it cos of this pending issue. Any additional costs involved will give me headaches trying to explain to the finance people.

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    SCO said that individuals could pay $2,499 per child for immunity from execution.
    ok ...you pay ...you save your child ...and what? they'll still be linux users ... so SCO is after the money ....

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    Damn i don't have any kids , do you think a pearl necklace would do instead? Or do the kids have to be fully concieved ?
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