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Thread: GNU Servers Hacked, Linux Software May Be Compromised

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    GNU Servers Hacked, Linux Software May Be Compromised

    In mid-March, someone hacked the primary file servers hosted by the GNU Project, the group which supports the development of many of the components in the Linux operating system, the group acknowledged Wednesday. It warned that the attacker may have inserted malicious code into the free software available for download, including Linux, and posted a set of hashes that users can check against to determine if what they retrieved is clean.
    if this has already been posted just PM me or post it here i'll remove it ....

    Full Article : http://www.internetwk.com/breakingNe...cleID=13100280

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    Wow, that's a pretty freaky thought... Let's all hope that nothing was altered, added, hidden, etc...

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    This is another ploy by SCO, right ?
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