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Thread: Parked car traveling upslope

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    Parked car traveling upslope

    Hello all,
    This has been bugging me for weeks now. While on vacation in Lebanon my cousin took me to a road and parked the car. The road was uphill. Not too steep, but it definitly was up. And the car started to roll, not down, up.

    I got out of the car and watched it. Trust me, the car was off. The engine was off. The keys were out. And it rolled UP. I don't know how it's possible, and my cousin won't tell me how it happens.

    He said it's not the car, but rather the slope that causes this to happen. Does anyone know how this is possible, and give me more information on these special types of slopes?


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    I would suggest that this was an optical illusion.

    I'm guessing that the slope appeared very gentle and that around the area were other slopes all in either the same direction or the opposite direction to the slope you were on. - All preception is relative to the surroundings.

    A good test would be to observer the behaviour of a marble - I bet that would also appear to roll uphill
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    My father used to talk about a place like that.


    I'm sure it's an optical illusion. If you google "car rolls uphill", you will find
    several locations with similar phenomena.
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    There seems to be a variety of places like that. One in Canada that I've been to is Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick:


    Even the stream beside the hill goes "uphill". There is a physics FAQ at the bottom (although I had trouble connecting).

    This might help explain:


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    Same on an island somewhere in greece. It came on the news. Remarkable.

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    If that would of happened to my car I would of thought it was possed. I bet it was a cool thing to watch

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