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Thread: xp sp1 causes unbootable computer, any suggestions?

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    xp sp1 causes unbootable computer, any suggestions?

    hi people,
    just decided to install xp sp1 at last today, now feeling like a total idiot for doing so...

    whats happened is the SP1 update froze midway through the installation, i knew it was going to be ugly when i tried to restart, ended up ahving to reset my system, now XP (tries) to load and fails miserably, it will get past its standard loading screen and just hang with a blank screen, nothing else at all whatwoever

    i havnt got an ASR disk so that wont work, ive tried safe mode but i get a stop error:

    STOP: c000021a (fatal system error)
    windows logon process terminated unexpectedly with a staus of 0x00000080 (0x00000000 0x0000000)
    the system has been shut down

    how can i fix my system without having to reinstall xp completely? os has my system been trashed beyond repair?

    im typing this now from my linux box, the faithful thing is now behaving for all who responded to my earlier modem problem with linux

    the last good config bootup option doesnt work either...

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    I would start from scratch myself. Sp1 is a lot of stuff and you can't remove it according to the borg, hell it takes longer to patch than it does to install. Everytime i have installed XP the updates hang, and you never really know if you got the patch, just the registry key , or just part of the update. I usually break all the updates and such into 4 or 5 lumps it seems to be a little less frustrating.
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    manged to find a second system restore optino thru the install cd, hopefully all my software and programs arent scerwed up (though i can bet they will be), first and last time i will ever consider installing a service pack from microsoft, security updates and crap or not

    long live linux
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    Mrleachy.. I know the horse has bolted..

    call me gutless,, clean install xp, apply SP1, all other updates ..then install software.. But when as there are some who for whatever reason are just installing it.. me today on a 18mth old system.. Before starting the patch.. NO AV software, no parasite software, keyboard/mouse/motherboard tools off..

    BTW: you have a 90% chance of still having your progs if you do a warm install..

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