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Thread: Display Your Work!!!

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    Display Your Work!!!

    I would like to see what all you programming gurus got up your sleeves. I would like to see some of your works. So lets start the posting.

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    I'm seriously behind on a lot of my work. Most of what I do have up is running locally on my computer, not even ready to release publicly...and I'm not sure when that will be.

    I was able to gather screenshots of some things I've worked on over the past year. Some are still with filler text, others are complete...I just grabbed what I could find.

    Digital Dementia (All colored layouts for phpBB)
    Digital Deviation - Apple Style/Pixeled
    Dirty Little Secrets
    Business Software Associates, Inc.
    Beautiful Pain
    I4NI Clan
    Forsaken Clan

    Definitely not a guru...but I enjoy it.

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