Hey All,

Just figured I'd drop a quick note about Ad-Watch. Dunno if it's been mentioned before but here goes.

When having Ad-Watch 3.0 (part of Ad-Aware Pro) running, it'll block sites here and there. Part of it's site blocking is hotmail.com

The reason for it is passport.com is listed in the block site list the program uses.

To stop this little problem, terminate ad-watch, go to the installed directory of ad-aware and find a file called site.txt go down the list and find passport.com and remove it. Same thing for anything else that might be blocked.

Since it isn't hotmail.com that's blocked, look at the url in the address bar (before it's terminated) and look for it's content in the list:

(ie: http://login.passport.net/uilogin.srf?id=2 for passport.com)

Other people have complained about earthlink not working either, same issue.

Source: Lavasoft