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Thread: Beer Is Yummy

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    Talking Beer Is Yummy

    I was going to ask what beer people like here. Not too long ago neel introduced me to Duvel, and yesterday Shrekkie introduced me to leffe. So far, I have to say Duvel is the best tasting.

    Also, neel had the idea of making a cooler for his beers in an old computer case to keep it away from his roomies... did you ever finish that project? I am sure Willem has an old case you can use.

    Anyway, beer lovers unite! If this thread survives long enough

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    There's already a thread about this in Cosmos.. http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=245997

    Since I can't just go and buy beer whenever I want (being 16 and all), I've only tried a few and I've got to say that Guinness is the best I've had...

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    Ahh, thanks.

    Yeah Guiness is pretty darn good.... way different style than Duvel (and many others), so the two cannot really be compared.

    neel, what about that cooler? I think it would be a rather cool novelty... and just a novelty cuz it might be easier to go to a discount store and buy a styrofoam one. Oh well.

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    I sorta just didn't think about the beercooler because of the heat, but tomorrow I'm going to build it .
    Duvel is my favorite, but it's duvel and that means you shouldn't drink to many if you want to be worth more then an eurocent the next morning (talking from experience here, ask shrekkie). There are so many good beers and most of them are from belgium. Floreffe is good wich is similar to Leffe, but the brewermonks make rather few of it. Grimbergen is nice. Urthel, Jupiler... pfew there are so many.
    I gots to go watch a movie now....
    also I came by the abdij van Postel this afternoon when I got back from shrekkie and I bought some beer there. I'm going to try that one now.
    to be continued

    shrekkie cant drink beer this week because of some medicine, all give em some positive support for that because its going to be hard
    Double Dutch

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    Not much too say:
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    Normally I'm a cider, wine or spirits man... beer is not normally what I drink... but I have found a beer called Hoegaarden which is actually really quite scrummy. God knows if you can get it in the states - its difficult enough to pick up in the UK

    neel since you seem to like Belgian beers, maybe you can answer a question for me... I've heard that Hoegaarden should traditionally be drunk with a slice of lemon... is this true??

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    man south africa's LION LAGER is the best beer(my opinion) then WINDHOEK LAGER is also jus as great.
    JAGUAR -> thats bad, here in south africa beer is not legle for und 18's but no-one CAREs,
    i am 17 and i can buy beer and any other type of alchahol @any time,not to speak about the DRUGs(he he),but thats another story.

    cheers(i'll be on the lookout for a DUVAL beer........somewhere)
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    central il
    personal I am a fan of the home brew stuf that I make. But if I where to by a beer it would be Chima (and barring that I would go with Guniess or a local microbrew that makes a great choclate ale)
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    Dutch Gold, no just kidding.

    Guinness is the sh!t!

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    Right now in the fridge:
    Chimay (saving it for Negative)

    My favorite Beers:
    Warsteiner (!!)

    Go Finland!
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