hey everyone,

i've been using windowmaker on my bsd and linux systems for about a year and a half and just started having this problem: when i start openoffice, the top toolbars are all past the top margins of the screen, so i can't move the app, use a lot of the toolbars, or cleanly shut down the program. i can resize it but can't move it around the screen. i added a screenshot so you can see what i'm talking about.

it started doing this when i added a second monitor to my system. so far openoffice is the only app that i've found to do this, and it does it on both monitors. it's a SuSE 8.1 box with a normal duel head setup.

i've searched around but can't find anything to set the default size of an app when it starts, maybe someone knows something i don't? thanks in advance!