Has anyone else been unfortunate enough to update their N-Stealth to the latest 5?

It *used* to be a great product. I WAS a long-time fan, however...

If anyone has experience with, or has fixed these issues, I would love to hear from you:

* we can no longer resize the main window (slide bars work, resize does not) -- stuck with moving around the GUI with the slide bars
* EVERY time we start N-Stealth, it asks me for my language preference and every time I select the box that says 'use this as a default'
* even though it was newly registered, and paid in full a month ago, the update is broken already (access denied, check username and password) -- yes, they're correct
* registering it was a nightmare, getting ahold of their support people was a nightmare, stopping payment was the ONLY way to get their attention for help with their lame registration codes (that didn't work)
* (on a couple of machines) scans can be started, it will go through it's checks, and never produce a report
* SSL scanning does not work (can get it to work through an stunnel) -- in defense, I can't remember if it worked through previous versions(?)
* clicking on some tabs in the GUI open the properties for that tab, and leave the others their (like is supossed to happen), some tabs maximize -- clearing the other tabs
* of course, there's still a bunch of false-positives, but other software packages do that, but they're free!

Proving, once again, my Law-of-Software: there's a direct relationship to the amount you pay for the software and it's degree of crappiness. I'm going back to Nikto!

Thanks for letting me vent!