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Thread: Hayes command set

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    Hayes command set

    I have been messing around with a community network that can be accessed from telnet or by dialing in directly from a terminal emulation program.
    Just out of curiosity I decided to try dialing in directly and am having difficulty understanding how to accomplish this.
    The network I'm trying to access:
    supports SSH1 with 3DES encryption. Offers Internet mail (PINE); Usenet; Lynx text-only web;FTP access (Amodem or Kermit);access to some telnet sites;6MB space for personal web page

    Does not have PPP connection.
    Can telnet from web or dial in.

    settings given for dialing are:
    Use 8 data bits, no parity and one stop bit (8-N-1 or N-8-1). For best results, set your communications program to a nominal speed somewhat higher than SCN's 33.6k bps modem speed, such as 38400 or 57600

    I've been googling for hayes command set information and am having trouble sorting it all out.
    Does anybody have any suggested links or additional search terms for me?
    Also, I've gotten the impression that this is pretty much something from the past. Are there any current uses?

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    Hi Faqt

    There is heaps of info on the web for this ....try searching for Hayes modem AT command set
    on Google.

    Depending on the type of modem you are using (or emulator) you will need to action the correct AT command at the modem command line.

    IE ATDT followed by the phone number will cause the modem to dial the number using dial tones.
    Check out AT Command Set

    This command set has been around for a long time, but is still used in every dial-up connetion modem to modem (generally)

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    This is what I used for AT commands when I was working for a dial up ISP ( Earthstink) and they always worked. Check it out at http://modemhelp.net/ Good Luck good stuff there.

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