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Thread: please help me recover from a virus

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    please help me recover from a virus

    I have a nasty virus on my (windows xp professional) computer. It wouldnt let me boot into windows it said that file ntldr is missing. what is the file ntldr do besides boot into windows and what does it stand for? So i put in my windows cd and tried to repair all window files. That didnt work so i installed windows again. Now eveything dosent work right. My drivers for my sound and video card are gone and when i click on a program that was left on my hard drive it wont load at all. My virus scan says i dont have a virus but i know i do since my computer runs so slow. Is there any way i can bring my computer back to a week ago using a program like go back? Is it possible to get all my old information and settings back? Or am i up a creek without a paddle? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    A quick "google" turned up this....

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    If you selected to do a fresh install when you re-installed Windows (not a repair), and you agreed to install it in the same default partition (c:\winnt) then you may have problems re-claiming your drivers, programs etc.

    As long as you did not request the installer to format the disk partition at the time of install all your other data in other folders should be OK, but you will need to re-install all of your programs like Word etc.

    Also you will need to re-install the drivers for the devices that do not have drivers supplied by the Windows installer.
    Most of these drivers can be found on the web, along with instructions on how to install them.
    Just make sure that you correctly identify the device by make and model number etc, and download from the web the correct driver for that device.

    Hope this helps - if not keep asking!!

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    is your anti virus definition updated? if not then updating your virus definition would be a good step in detecting viruses.
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