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Thread: How Many People Have Called You About msblast...

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    How Many People Have Called You About msblast...

    I have had a total of 6 people call me lately and ask me "What do i do about this rpc port thing blah blah"

    i just wanna know how many people out there know people that are affected. cause i am willing to bet not many ao members are vuln to this worm..

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    4 friends called me to remove it from their home computers , and i know a friend at her work all computers were infected ...

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    I sent out a general message to all my users containing links to symantec's fix and M$' patch and told them to forward it to their home email, download the two proggies, disconnect from the net, run the fix _then_ run the patch and then carry on as usual.

    I know of only two infections in my 650 user base and they were both dial up..... go figure....
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    well no one my place has more than 300 PCs all running win xp /win 2000 very few with 98 and lin. no one really called up or complained, until i told the threat they were under...i mailed it to all....and i saw still all the PC s except a one are not patched. Nobody here gives Damm abt this thing. reallly sad situation
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    ive had 4 mates call me about removal of msblast, these were all people i lived with in my first year of uni, who once they knew i could hit the keyboard in an almost psuedo random way, had me fix every single computer problem that occured, there were another 20 odd people that relied on me for computer repair!


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    Only got a few computers, but i sent out a email to all the users with the fix from the symantec site attcahed, got everyone to run this, and then told the the URL's for the fixes.

    Everyone was quite worried about this, maybe im finally drilling it in to them, that security is importent.

    Anyway, no computers were infected, and only one mate rang up to ask my advice.
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    I've had a few personal contacts - Work was safe, but the I knew it was from the outset.

    I have disks I give to people at work to take home to fix their machines (Along with a suggestion about firewalls & patches)
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    Personaly an average of 4 machines per working day over 6 working days, plus.. 6 to a peak of 25 enquiries per day over 7 days..
    Plus had to make sure all the systems going out (new systems) were patched..

    but then repairs are what we do.. at the same time removed an average of 2 p0rn Dialers per machine, 6 systems that were brought in with suspected Blaster ..had PORN Dialers and Parasite-Ware.. two machines had 5 porn dailers each..
    Spayware/Parsiteware/porn-dialers normaly account for 80% of my software repair work..

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    I'm in the same boat as steve on this one - my work network has not been affected (other than the inbound denied packets on port 135).. But a few of my friends/family/etc have asked me to help.. I downloaded everything they will need (removal tool, patches, etc.), created some instructions, burned all that to a CD.. Now if I'm asked, I just hand them a copy of the CD....
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    Same here... Not infection at work but alot of co-worker and friend machine got infeted. I put them the FixBlast and a link to download the patch on a disk and they usually do fine with the little txt file for instruction.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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