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Thread: VB and C++ question

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    Question VB and C++ question

    Is that possible to use a c++ code in vb?

    because i know that you can have a assembly code in a c++ program...

    but i don't know if you can put a c++ code in vb??
    if you can... what kind of the header you need to make to let the complier know it's a c++ code????

    PLease help me~~!!

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    you can make a DLL in c++ (visual c++) and use the DLL in your VB app..

    other than that I dunno.. but I did hear some stuff about .NET incorporating all languages.. or something..
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    yeah, you could build a few classes into a DLL, then make calls to them from VB. If you need to bring over a form into vb you might want to compile an OCX file. (although VB has such a nice GUI tool) anyway... if you have any other questions... i've done quite a bit with DLL(s) before.
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    You can use c++ to build a dll or an active x component (exe, dll, control) that can be used by vb.
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    if your asking is you can compile c++ source code using vb ....no
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    Originally posted here by Tedob1
    if your asking is you can compile c++ source code using vb ....no
    Yeah you could learn a low level language & make your own compiler which runs off of your own style of syntax. But as for the other drag and drop stuff I think OOP styled has to many debuggers for the chageing of the syntax but of course you could also spend a few hours makeing your own scripting language or maybe do it all the so called (hard way) by simply makeing a small attempt at learning these languages in the first place instead of being a lazyass.

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