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Thread: Why is my HD doing this?!

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    Hi, I play a lot with old machines because it is my hobby........... I have come across similar problems with PI/133 boxes and 60-80 Gb hard-drives?..............they run some proggy that intercepts the bios to tell it the true drive size...................could this be your problem?.....the BIOS will say that you have 2 x 8Gb drives, when you know that you just installed 2 x 20Gb.................it's the BIOS?

    Just a thought....hope it helps


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    Hi folks,

    This is Neo, back with this suggestion.

    I suspect the problem with a file called boot.ini. This is a file containing the path of the OSs installed and the choice of OSs (hope u all know this).

    Boot the system with a start-up disk. Check the file. Probably lies in System Drive (C.

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    On July 16, 2003, I had a message that said "A disk read error occurred
    Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"

    Your problem reminded me my message. I reinstalled everything 'cuz I didn't want the hassles. My computer's working okay now (it's been a little more than a month since that disasterous day).
    The problem reoccurred again (I received the same message) about 2 weeks ago; but upon the 3 finger salute, it found the OS...STRANGE????
    Anyway, I normally back up data about 1x a month. Within the last month, I already did 2 backups. hahaha

    Anyway, I sympathize with you my friend (misery loves company) and hope you get some bit and bytes from your computer before resorting through what I went through.

    Aloha and Good luck

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    This is a big coincidence. I just today had the same problem with a users system. is states missing OS. So I remove the drive, let calls it drive A, and plug A into another system with another drive in there,lets all ths one drive B. B already has a working OS on it. The system only recognises drive B and doesnt detect drive A. after rebooting again. the system detects both A & B but hangs at the boot screen of win2k. from what i guess, its a HD controller problem on HD A itself. I could be wrong but how can u use any of the tools if the bios cannot even detect the drive A.

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    That was my inclination to begin with, however, I can't even access the C: drive, it states some BS about there not being a drive. I even tried to reload the OS and it can't find a drive to load onto. So, I am still playing but I can't even format the thing.



    I was able to figure it out... I dual booted with a spare HD (B it found the new HD and on the second boot i was ableto gain access to my old one (A I always create the windows partition separate from the actual storage so that if I need to I can always reinstall windows. So I was able to get into delpart delete my previous version of windows and load the current one...without losing much information. Thank my sweet jesus. If anyone wants anymore info on this I would be happy to explain it to them.

    Thank You all for you help!
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    Try this, Take the IDE setting in the bios off of Auto Detect (if it's set to auto), and manually input the Heads, Cylinders, etc. You can find that information on the Hard Drive label..... Good Luck.
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    Yes four things come to mind

    Yes some things come to mind

    1.a pinched/damaged/or reversed IDE cable
    2.BIT ROT

    these are strictly thoughts from a assuming mind
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    This could mean that your hard drive may fail soon. In the control panel>>>Administrative Tools>>>Event Viewer>>>System Log. Check the system logs for unusual Disk errors, IDE errors (provided you are using IDE drive/s. We have seen similar problems with eventual hard drive failures. Keep an eye on you logs...All of them on a regular basis. Update your BIOS.

    Good luck

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