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Thread: Shoulder Surfing - Finally Recognized

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    Shoulder Surfing - Finally Recognized

    This is something that I have bitched about for *years*. Back in the old days (before I was old enough to be prosecuted ) I was able to glean a ton of info using non technical techniques such as shoulder surfing and social engineering. This article shows that someone else realizes that shoulder surfing is a *VERY* productive technique. I preach this to admins so that they will educate mobile users. I even provide them with an example from shoulder surfing I did not too long ago (as a proof of concept for the Secret Service) where I was able to glean all the info needed to gain local access to the agent's machine and I also was able to see exactly where they would be positioned during a specific time frame for a very high profile event - VERY scary stuff. I performed this on a public transportation system where the agent felt comfortable enough to work while in transit.

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    Hopefully now more people will be aware of who is behind them and what they have on their screen.The problem of shoulder surfing and social engineering should have been addressed years ago, the employees of any company should be educated on how to avoid being social engineered and prevent shoulder surfing.

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