ProFTPD FTP Server program is needed.
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Thread: ProFTPD FTP Server program is needed.

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    ProFTPD FTP Server program is needed.


    Where can I find ProFTPD FTP-Server ?
    I cannot find it over the net....

    P.S: I need this exact kind of FTP server, I gotta test there something.

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    \"If computers are to become smart enough to design their own successors, initiating a process that will lead to God-like omniscience after a number of ever swifter passages from one generation of computers to the next, someone is going to have to write the software that gets the process going, and humans have given absolutely no evidence of being able to write such software.\" -Jaron Lanier

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    Your asking lots of questions purifier. Are you building a bomb based on ftp servers or a new version of skynet over there ?

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    How hard have you tried to find this.

    I typed ProFTPD FTP Server into google - copy and paste from your post & got this:

    There are links from the front page to download:

    This what you're looking for?

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