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Thread: sms software or script.

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    sms software or script.

    i need an sms software or script for my website from which my visitors can send sms to any country free of cost.i dont need sites like sms.ac and others who charge for credits.i need to build my own site like sms.ac but i will give my visitors free ms without any cretis hassels.
    what should i do i have discussed with few people but i dont understand what is gateway what they talk abt.i just need a script where my visitors can send sms to anywhere.
    should i take special permissions from the mobile operators for sms or what please help me as soon as possible.


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    You're not going to find a free script that will send to any country. They have a lot of free ones that operate in the US. Try searching here for one of them.

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    In order to sned sms you will need a gateway as mentioned - ok simple terms

    user visits site --->>--- send sms -->>-- sms passed to sms server -->>-- sent to mobile

    now unless you wanted to spend big bucks setting up own sms server to send msgs you will have to employ a 3rd party company to relay msgs for you - very few of these (if not none at all) will offer services in every country as each country has own mobile networks etc but you can usually find different providers for each country so could give users option of choosing choosen country from drop down field which would then in turn relay information to correct provider when msg is entered - these 3rd party companies sell the msgs in bulk
    for example in UK you can buy 20,000 for about just under 500 so are lil less than 3p per msg which is alot cheaper than going rate sending single msg form mobile (10/12p) but if your having to fork out a lump sum and then are seing no returns for it won't do you much good - now there are companies that allow you to send msgs from your site (inc a lil form) for free - i have one set up on mine for txting USA/Canada but what you have to remember is the reciever will pay a charge for the msg

    Only way round it is to have visitors purchase credits - which you dont want or attempt to produce enough revenue from advertising on your site for other companies but to generate enough revenue to cover expenditure on msgs will need to have alot of traffic

    if your planning on offering it to friends etc why not set up a paypal account or such which they can donate to - once kitty reaches enough to pay X amount of msgs then allow users to send them from site with number of msgs allowed to be sent directly proportional to amount donated - they'll get cheaper msgs than from phone and your not out of pocket

    but to set up one that is completly free and run it off a personnal site without the traffic of much larger organisations which offer such services (eg lycos) is gonna cost u a fortune


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