I find it absolutley amazing that a company like sco can make usubstantiated legal threats for so long with out any action being taken by our goverments (USA & Canada) . Germany stopped sco's bs claims almost immediatley. I have requested a copy of their claims against linux users and their contacts/representation in Canada with the intent of submitting a complaint of extortion to the Attorney General of Canada .If you live in the USA please contact the SEC (202) 942-7040 or http://www.sec.gov/complaint/cf942sec9570.htm or the FTC 1-877-382-4357 (4)

sco's location-- 355 South 520 WestSuite 100 Lindon, Utah 84042

Mention that they are demanding payment for software you did not recieve or purchase from them (199$ for a home computer or 699$ for a business computer)

The more people who file complaints means more pressure for the goverment to do something about these scumbags. Every complaint helps , please take a couple minutes to help those people who have provided such excellent software for so long.