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Thread: Yikes Java Anonymous Proxy (JAP) Backdoored

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    Yikes Java Anonymous Proxy (JAP) Backdoored

    I did used to like this poxy service, don't think I will be using it any more after seeing this

    The popular Java Anonymous Proxy (JAP), used to anonymise one's comings and goings across the Internet, has been back-doored by court order

    and just to top it off

    We know this because the JAP operators immediately warned users that their IP traffic might be going straight to Big Brother, right? Wrong. After taking the service down for a few days with the explanation that the interruption was "due to a hardware failure", the operators then required users to install an "upgraded version" (ie. a back-doored version) of the app to continue using the service.

    the fact that they haven't even told p-eople using their software just takes the !$#!

    read the full story at http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/55/32450.html

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    I liked the deliberate typo.........leaving out the "r" in proxy

    German Police?....................I don't think that we want to go along that road a THIRD time?

    All I ask is; when they start at the bottom............how long before they get to the First Amendment?

    I do not condone drug dealing, child pornography, bilking old folks of their life savings, etc.............but until our laws deal with this properly.........our courts?...............then the problem will grow? It seems to me that most countries' laws do not understand the internet, internally, and most certainly internationally?

    You may think me fascist...but I would introduce the death penalty for plea bargaining..........it reads "conspiracy to pervert the course of justice " to me?...or at best "i cannot be bothered to do my job, so i'll halve the hole with you"

    I will now attempt to descend from my soapbox without breaking my neck

    Stay free


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    I did leave out the 'r' , but the question you have to ask yourself is, was it an accident (ok you caught me, when I am typing fast I miss out letters ).

    $ mount /uknetsec/mnt/soapbox

    I agree with you nihil, we have a right to privacy, I mean just because you could use this program for illegal purposes, doesn't mean you actually will. It is like they are assuming you to be guilty, 'they are going on the internet and they don't want us to know where they are going, so they must be doing something illegal'. I just think that I deserve to be able to have some privicy, is that really too much to ask ? As if it isn't already enough when you are out and about in general, CCTV everywhere , speed cameras, financial transactions tracked etc. This on top of the fact that the government are talking about putting GPS systems in your car so the insurance company can charge you depending where you drive, or park. This just happens to have the side effect that they could tell if you were speeding, your own car could tell on you.

    We are expected to accept all of this and are made to feel guilty if we want any privacy, phrases like 'if you are not doing anything wrong, what have you got to hide' are always used. Why should I feel guilty about wanting some time to myself without big brother looking over my shoulder??

    $ umount /uknetsec/mnt/soapbox

    sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, the spell checker will not work on this computer for some strange reason, I blame IE .

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