As if my life isn't hard enough....

This P2P is designed to protect the P2P user and circumvent all known methods of blocking peer apps. Get ready for the fun.

Here is a snip from the website:

"sdES5 breaks new ground by providing fast file sharing and downloading with stealth technology to hide your ip address and prevent harrassment. ES5 uses proxy servers and SSL encryption (Secure Sockets) to transfer files. No one but you knows where a file is going and no one but you and your sharee know what was transferred. A wealth of other features include: Preview files while they are downloading to find out in minutes that you dont want a file that might take hours to download. Uses random ports so your ISP cannot limit your bandwidth by traffic type nor can anyone.scan your system and know you are using ES5. Uses SSL so your ISP or admin cannot know what you are transferring. "

This is the official site for EarthStation 5: