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    Question Vaio Question

    I heard from a friend of mine that Sony Viao computers and laptops wont accept other brands hardware. Is that true or is my friend just full of it?
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    I think that you just about answered your own question ...There may be some compatibility issues with other kit................but Sony are one of the better outfits in my opinion. I just got one of their disk re-writers...it does DVD+, DVD- and a shower of CD stuff.

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    I've got a Vaio slimtop, and it does have some unique connections. For example, the flat-panel that came with it had speakers with it. The connector was for both the sound and video. If I wanted to change my video card, I'd have to change my monitor, too. That is, unless someone here knows how to safely split the audio out of a combo cable.

    However, I don't think that there's anything really that different between Vaio's and any other PC. My Vaio has expansion slots that I've used for different brand modems without a problem.
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