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    I have a suggestion that there should be away to, look in someone's profile and see what Tutorials they wrote and a link to each one.

    There are a lot of Tutorials that I have heard about people writing and I don't really fathom reading through all of someone's post just to see it.


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    I think that would be a nice feature, maybe below the recent posts, above the attachments or something. I know it would make updating them a lot easier. I'm currently in the process of updating a couple of them.

    It would be nice if the edit feature wasn't disabled after a length of time either, even if it's just on the tutorials section.

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    It would be nice if the edit feature wasn't disabled after a length of time either, even if it's just on the tutorials section.
    Something that really bugs me is the fact that I cant edit my tutorials. The Newbie FAQ contains a very naive reference to warez on my part and its doomed to stay there unless I got through the hassle of asking somebody to edit it.

    Anyway good idea, would like to see who wrote what and then I can start to reclaim my top tutorial writer crown.

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    yeah or they could put a link to all the turorials in the }
    Tutorials Posted: 21"
    bold part of the quote ... also a good way to search for someones tutorials is to go to advances search and type in the username and select to serach only in the Tutorials Forum

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    I'm very surprised that you *can't* edit your tutorials after a certain amount of time....that just seems like a massive oversight to me. Perhaps it was done bc someone feared that people could go back after a long period of time and just wipe out their tutorial for whatever reason....

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    I don't see why someone would want to go back and delete their tutorial unless it was poorly written and very out of date. Editing I can understand to keep up with the changes that are going on in the computing world. It would be nice to be able to view a members profile and see what tutorials they have written instead of having to go though the entire list to find one specific tutorial.The job negative has done with keeping the tutorials in their own catagory is a real time saver.

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