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Thread: exchange server help

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    exchange server help

    Not sure exactly sure which forum this belongs in...

    I'm trying to help out a friend with a problem. But... I'm not really experienced with m$ Exchange.

    He has a win2k domain (with active directory, of course)... lets call it company.com

    His internal email server is Win2k server running Exchange 2k.

    His external mail is handled by his ISP rather than putting his own email server on the internet.

    login names are as follows

    Larry User's account would just be user (last name of the user)
    Larry's external email account would be luser@company.com

    The workstations are Win2k and using Outlook 2k for internal mail and external internet mail.
    Using the exchange service for internal mail.
    Using the POP3/SMTP service for external mail.

    They want to keep both accounts within Outlook2k.

    The problem:

    when Larry User sends an email externally, it is going through the exchange server rather than using the ISPs mail server.

    When people get his mail, the senders address is user@company.com rather than luser@company.com so people can't reply to him as user@company.com doesn't exist.

    How can you get the Outlook client to use the ISPs server to send external mail instead of the exchange server?

    Is there a way to disable the sending of external mail on the exchange server?

    Any advise on how to setup Outlook2k to do the above properly?

    As it is now, he has to use Outlook2k to send internal mail and Outlook express to send and recieve external mail.
    This is a workaround, but not practical because it just eats up resources on the workstations and its a pain to have to use two clients to get the job done.

    Another thing that I can think of off hand that would fix the problem would be to change all the user accounts to first initial and last name...

    so the logon name would match the email address...

    login name luser
    external email address luser@company.com

    That would also be a pain, because they'd have to recreate ALL the user accounts on the domain that use external mail, along with recreating all the group members and permissions and home drives, etc.

    Anyone know how to fix this problem? I can't think of anything else off hand...

    Thanks in advance and if this should be in a different forum... mods: please feel free to move it. Thanks again!

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    I used to have an exchange account and my pop3 account on my laptop. The exchange account was internal school email and the pop3 account was my personal home account. I used the laptop at the school and at home. All I did was set the pop3 account as the default account. Then it uses that, or you have the option of going to send from each time and selecting the pop3 account.
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    I am not an expert at this but I have my Outlook client setup to do both - connect to internal mail server when at work and connect to my ISP for external mail outside.

    In the client select Tools ->Services and install Internet mail. Configure the ISP mail server etc
    I cannot remember how to switch between the two, but you can compose a new e-mail and send it to either internal or external.

    Anything you reply to from the external ISP server will be sent back via the external server.

    Maybe some one else can enlighten you more

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    He is using the support for corp.

    Tools, services

    exchange and internet (POP3) mail are both configured

    How do you specify when sending to use the ISP instead of the exchange?

    I know the settings HT is talking about but that is when its configured for internet mail only... I don't remember seeing an option for exchange... only POP3 and IMAP.

    I'll have him try the advise listed so far.

    Thanks again!

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    he'd have to make two accounts one for exchange and one for internet pop3 setting the internet mail account as default and unchecking the "include this accountwhen receicing..." box

    when you initially set up outlook for exchange there's an option (tools>>option>>mail delivery>>reconfigure mail support) after that you can add internet mail as a service
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