***************************************************Html tutorial

This tutorial is about the basic components of a html web page that anyone with a little patience and a little time can create.

These 4 html tags( or 8 if you want to be a smartass about it ) are the starting points for any web page
I will explain them in the order that they are presented here and along with some examples

The first tag that is used when starting a web page is the <Html> tag
This tag tells the web browser that you are using that this is an Html document

To end a tag you use a " / " here is a example I only want one word to be bold. the following two tags are used to start and end the bold text, type The Text between these two tags will be bold any text beyond here will not be bold

any text between these tags will be at the top of your web browser and it should tell the person who is viewing your page what the page is about.
Example<title> html tutorial </title> any text beyond these tags will not be in the title if you look up at the top of your browser you will see Html tutorial

The head tag contains what your page will be about this should contain as much information as the title tag
example <Head> This is a Html Tutorial</head>

Example The content you put between these tags will be the main part of your web page that people who come to your site will be looking at the most, so it is a good idea to have interesting content the words in this tutorial are between the body tags

Meta tags are not required to make a web page but they do help people find your site when they use a search engine such as google
As an example if your page was about your favorite Movies the Html code you would use is
<Meta Name=”keywords” Content=”Movies, Actors”> </meta> these tags will not be seen when the finished page is viewed

These following tags you use in the body part of your web page

<body Link=? >change the ? To what ever color you want the link to be <Body link=blue> or the hex number
<Body Vlink=? >this tag is used to change the color on a visited link you wouldn’t want to have the unvisited links and the links the same color if you have a lot of links on your page.

this makes a new paragraph
<p align=?> Aligns a paragraph to the left, right, or center

makes a space between sentences or a line break

To add a image into your web page
<img src=”file name”>

To use a picture as a link
<img src="Your image”>

Create a link on your page so people who visit your page can e-mail you
<a href=mailto:your email</a>

Use a picture as a e-mail link
[img]your image[/img]

These following tags are used to change the look of your text

[I] is used to make your text Italic this is what italic looks like
[b]will make the text bold this is bold text
<strike></strike> Strike is used to put a line through text
Headers the header text is what is used at the top of your web page you use Numbers 1-6 depending on the size that you want your text to be
<H1></h1> this creates a large head line This is the large headline
<h6></h6> creates a small headline This is a small head line

To change the color of your text
<body text=”#0000ff”> or you can use the word blue your web browser can use both
At the bottom of this tutorial I will have a link to a site that has a list of different colors and the numbers for you to use

To make one line of text or one word the color red
<Font color=”ff0000”>Red</font> this will make the one line or word
Make your text bigger or smaller
To make your text bigger or smaller you use a number between 1-7 you can choose a number higher than 7 the higher the number the bigger your text will be
Example <font size=”?”>Change the ? To a number you want your text size to be.

Make the background stationary
To make your background look like it is stationaryand have the text and everything else move while you scroll on a web page <BODY background="your background image”bgproperites=”fixed”

Make a unordered list
this list is used for items or links that can be used in any order
  • This
  • is
  • what a
  • Unordered
  • List looks like

Ordered list
to make a order list it is pretty much the same as the Unordered list but with one change instead of using <UL> we use [list=1]
  1. <LI>Mouse


The link to the color codes and hex numbers

Thank you for reading this tutorial