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    Script Kiddies

    With the increase in Worms, Virii out there are going to be alot more Neophytes coming here to learn to either Secure there Box or the other side to get into someone else's box. Remember for some reason people think it is cool to Hack go firgure.

    But I was just sitting back thinking and that popped up in my head.

    Let me know what you think.

    There is one good thing out of Neo's coming a chance to balance out those AP's for the dumb ones. Oh well; what do you guys think about this.


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    I agree with you there.

    I think some people are going to be searching for ways to secure their boxes better.

    But, then theres going to be the ones coming here wondering how they can hack. The best advice that I can give these people in this category is to get a couple old computers, get a hub, router, or switch, install *nix on one, and windows on another, and play around with it. Thats one of the best ways to learn how people get into boxes, and how it works. ITs also a good way to learn more about TCP/IP and networking.

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