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Thread: multiple domain profiles

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    multiple domain profiles

    I have no clue how this is done but I saw it on computer I was working on and I'm very curious to see how it was done. The laptop that I was working on was configured to logon to multiple domains. I believe it listed 3 different domains in the domain list of the logon page. I'm thinking that you must make a registry edit. Not too sure but would love to figure this out.

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    You just connect to and join each domain individually, the setting are saved for each domain you join. I am new to active directory so there may be a way to join a PC to multiple domains through apolicy but I doubt it.

    /edit: It looks like multiple domains are stored in the winlogon.domaincache key but I would guess just adding one there wouldn't authenticate and install proper objects necessary to authenticate the additional domain. You would have to physically join each one with proper credentials. /
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    I actually figured out how to do it.

    Multiple Domain List

    Go into Registry

    HLKM/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/Winlogon

    and add a REG_SZ value


    This is helpful for consultants who connect to various domains.

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