Exchange 2000/Outlook 2002 error
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Thread: Exchange 2000/Outlook 2002 error

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    Exchange 2000/Outlook 2002 error

    After I close Outlook, I get this error message:

    Unable to update public free/busy data.

    I looked at microsoft's support site but it wasn't helpful.



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    This is one of those 'so called' nifty features that using Outlook with Exchange allows...
    Likely you just need to change its settings or turn it off completly if you don't want it...

    To get to the Free/Busy settings
    - go to 'tools' menu and select 'options'.
    - from 'preferances' tab select 'calander options'
    - from this window select 'Free/busy options' (normally in lower left corner)

    Play with those settings there and you should be able to stop the error message.



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    I'm still getting the same error message. Thanks though...

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