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Thread: Unuber-Uber vs. Gore

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    Unuber-Uber vs. Gore

    Ok for a while I have been saying that I will write another, UnUber-Uber Story.

    So here it goes.

    Unuber-Uber The Takedown.

    6:00 What the **** it is to early who the hell is calling me? Mom what do you want?
    Huh what can you possible want?
    Well Tom I was wonder.. I told you my name was Uber83 start calling me that. Sure son.

    I was wondering if you would go to the store for me and get me some Eggs so I can make Breakfast. What the **** do you need eggs for at 6 in the Morning your not making any Damn breakfast.

    Hey Tom I mean Uber I was the one that got your stupid ass out of jail, know do what I say you Script Kiddie little bastard. Now go get the damn eggs. I don't care if it is 3 in the morning.

    Yes, Mom.

    8:00 That bitch it took me two hours to get back. Let me check my mail. Hum who the **** was on my PC. MOM, someone used my PC. I know dear it was me some guy sent you a message. I don't know his name though.

    Well oh well let's see what I have to do today. Well I was going to do that Job that I got Hired to do in Michigan. Let me check my male. Oh yeah some CEO wants me to hack his Server. Cool. I get paid to deface. He says he has some Admin he needs to get rid of. Well oh well. So what was that companies name? **** I will just trace this email and attack it that way. So what is that companies IP. well first thing's first. Let's scan. Hum only ports open are 80, 110, and 25. Well you gotta start somewhere.

    What the ****, MOM what did you do to my PC. Nothing Hun just wrote a document in Word. Ok. Hum must me nothing I swear I just saw something flash on my screan. Must of been nothing

    Ok where was I, oh yes that Server. What to do what to do looks like it is running Windows. Hum let's see I got Sub 7 around here somewhere. Where is it. AH here we WHOA ****. what going on. I better check my system. What was that command Ubner told me, Netcsat no no netstut, NO **** oh yeah Netstat ok and I am suppose to use -n I think.

    So lets do it. Hey why is port 31137 open? Oh well.

    Hold up what's that program on my desk top. Freedom Fighter? Oh well something Mom must of put on there.

    Why the **** is my Background changed?

    Your Mine what **** is that suppose to mean?

    Hey what is this message I see.
    Let's see what we have.

    Your ass is mine Boy.

    Ok someone is playing a joke.

    Hey what is going on why are my files deleting them selves. Ok didn't ubner say something about watching port 31137. Trojans come through on that port or something. No he was joking.

    Let me check my email.

    I got a new message from Gore who the **** is Gore?
    Oh well let's see.

    Your ass is mine boy consider your self owned!

    WTF is this some joke let me send the ass an Email.

    You own who, own your Mom that's about it.

    Damn I thirsty I gottat go get a drink.
    Ah nothing like a good Pepsi.
    AIM I don't remember installing that. When the hell did that get there well might as well open it.

    It already has a name in there and a password ULAMER. Let me log on.

    Hey I am getting an IM from Gore who the **** is this guy.

    I have got to ask, Ubner how to get someone's IP instead of look ing at the Header on an Email there has to be a way.

    Gore: I think the Misfits said it best time to die.

    ULAMER: What the **** are you talking about?

    ULAMER:How did you set up this account to.

    Gore:Wouldn't you like to know, why don't we just say that your system is Owned. and not bye you.


    Gore: I caught you scanning my server so I decided to see who you are. It seems as if your some Script.

    Uber83 Thinks to Himself ***** I got a dude that knows more then me I am ****ed.*

    ULAMER: So what do you want?

    Gore: To teach you a lesson

    Gore: You'll see with Sub7 on your system and the other programs there what I am planning to do you will fall right inline for it.

    Gore: You should feel lucky I am not going to Kill you. I just going to send you to jail.

    Gore: You will find out what I mean.

    In our next episode what will Gore do to ULAMER?
    Will the Lamer learn to program?
    Will the lamer stop being a Dildo?

    All this and more.

    So let me know if you like it.


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    Alright Damnit someone can reply to my Story let me know how they feel about it.


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    i enjoyed reading it keep it up

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    LOL, oh man. My story line has gone from just me pissin around to like 8 people writing too it. HAHA I like it, Im in it, and as usua, I own in it. Thanks for keeping my story going. I havnt written a new one in a while, but after I do Ill pop it up.

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    i like the story ....write another one ...

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