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Thread: Iiyama HM903DT A question

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    Question Iiyama HM903DT A question

    I have bought an Iiyama HM903DT A monitor and I have some problems with it. My pc has Win XP installed and, resolution 1024x768, refresh rate 120Hz. If I turn the monitor off and 5 minutes later on, the screen is smaller than I adjusted before (about 0.5 cm on each side). Please who can tell me what it is I'm going crazy from this. (Iiyama coulnd't help me they gave me some stupid answers).

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    I have the same Monitor... sorry for the late reply to your question, but here it is

    Mine does that too...

    about 0,5 cm around the edges... As you probably figured out by now... let it do its thing for a while, it will go back to normal size by it self.

    I dont know the reason why it does this, if you've figured it out let me know!

    Otherwise, a great monitor.

    Question: How can you bare having a resolution of 1024x768 on a 19 inch monitor?!

    (Shrekkie dont know Swedish)

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