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Thread: sabpd installation problem in Red Hat 9.0

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    sabpd installation problem in Red Hat 9.0

    I have installed Redhat 9.0 recently in system with configuration having 256RAM , 1.8GHz P4 processor.After that i dl sapdb from www.sapdb.com. i folowed guideline in the site given.but it is not getting installed.
    problem comes when setting environment variables. please provide if any1 of u have details regarding installation of sapdb.

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    The url you have given is down for maint. ATM.

    Can you be more specific. Did you install from RPM or source. Can you post the error messages. Are you starting the app from a shell or clicking on an icon? What have you tried? Were else have you looked?

    Type rhp sapdb into google : http://www.google.com/search?q=rh9+s...tart=0&start=0

    Click the first link.

    Does that help?

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