Some email providers have started providiing virus scanning facilities on clients mailboxes. Probably a good idea cos the average user will be protected a little more than usual with this. of course they charge for this facility but if at least some people take up this it wil help to reduce the infections.

ultimately all users should be protecting themselves but its quite difficult as one of them said of trying to keep updated thru a 56k modem. what with the large number and sizes of updates, virus definitions....... even with advanced users, it wastes a lot of time keeping up to date on all this.

autoresponse should definitely be disabled and i guess most administrators have done that as we have in my office. there are of course a few out there who havent but i guess they just have to educated. it usually takes time for this to flow down to the less informed admins.

one other problem with the updates is that where i am we are understaffed what with all the cost cutting measures they have taken. they expect 1 person to do the job of 3. and still do it at the same level as before. keeping all the systems updated and getting on with your regular work almost means u live in the office.