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    Question Exchange Time Zone Question

    Might not be the best place to drop this question but this is far the best forum I know...

    I have a corporate user send a e-mail to a guy in California. I live in Montreal... The original message was send at 11:54am Eastern Time... 4 Hours Later, the corporate user get a e-mail back from Mailserver.

    Your message

    To : ****
    Subjet : ****
    Send : 8/21/2003 10:54:26 am

    is still queued at the Internet MailService (**MailserverName). This message will continue to be retired until the configured maximum period, and if delivery cannot be completed by them, your message will be returned to you.

    I know why the e-mail bounce back to the corporate user. My exchange server is set to warn user if their e-mail is stuck inside the Exchange server very 4 hours but my question... The E-mail was send at 11:54am Eastern time and the Automatic Warning said it was send at 10:54:26 am... At first, I taught that maybe the Mailserver or the corporate user regional setting was not correctly matching but they are both set on same time zone (Eastern Time Zone).

    Anyone can explain the different in hours?

    Thank you.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Have you verified that both the server and the client are adjusting the time for daylight savings? In most places it will be EDT right now, not EST.

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    That a good idea but I check both computer (Mailserver) and corporate user computer and both have DayLight Setting On.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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