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Thread: What about this?

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    What about this?

    Posted earlier by Syini666:

    Probably yet another reason Jup should add in a delete this account button.
    I think this is a pretty good idea. What do you guys think, you know, the ramifications and what not?



    Forgot to add the thread.

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    I believe that this: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...845#post655381 is a much better reason to allow someone to delete their account.

    Sorry, once I read through the link you gave me, I found that we have the same exact reason, but I don't want to delete this thread bc I think the link I gave shows how it started...

    The thread has been deleted, but the main thing was that Jag had posted his login ID and password and the thread was called "Want to be Jaguar291? Here's your chance!".

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