ok heres the deal. ive been hearing whispers for a while now that the RIAA and them folks are making a virus so that if you DL an mp3 from kazza or another P2P service the virus will erase all files with the extension ".mp3" (without the quotes of course ) i was wondering whats the difference between what they are doing and say if i went out a made a virus that erased someones registry (or sumpin bad like that lol) is it legal for them to do that, would there be any way to protect against it (and be able to dl mp3's still), and what kind of reaction would they get from the hacker/cracker community. i remember reading when madonnas new album came out some d00d downloaded the hit song and it was madonna tellin him to buy the forkin cd and quit rippin her off. the d00d defaced her web site and posted every madonna song ready for dl on her internet for like 3 days. ( i thought geeks listened to heavy metal and stuff like metallica) well in order to make this go with the antivirus part, do ya think McAfee and Norton would update their software to protect against that stuff?