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    I have a really good question, I was sitting back looking through my posts and I thought what do I look like. Let me Clarify; ok no one here has ever met me only thing you guys know about me is what is in my Profile and what I say. So everything that your Info is based off of is a View of me that you have seen that I can not see myself. Let's see I have been here since early June I have made a couple friends and I have made a couple people that don't like me. So I am curios as to what you see. When you look at my post, when you here my <RANTS> What do you see? I thought I would ask.

    I will try to answer the same question for anyone that posts that they want it answered.

    Know as a final Note, the your an ******* post. Already established. LOL


    If nothing else Damnit I better here I am funny, and have a sense of humer. LOL

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    What do i see when i look at your post.

    Hmm a moving duck

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    I see a duck thats trying to sew.

    Actually I don't know. I think that your probably in Highschool or starting college.
    Can't tell anything else.

    What about me.

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    Well most of the time you are pretty level headed I have seen you look like your getting mad a couple of times, as for knowledge I would say about average maybe a little more.

    Oh yeah and for some reason your proud to be a Republican
    *Whiz pulls Cheyenne over to the side*

    Listen Man I am a Republivan to but I am not proud of it.


    That close.

    Oh and about the college thing my age in my Profile is right I am 19 I start college in 2 years and know I am not stupid. I graduated a 16 and Uncle Sam kinda stole me.

    *****ing Dad thought it would be a great way to get some money for college ****ing Bastard*

    I'll get even.

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