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    Linux General Q's

    Hello Friends,

    I was curious to know if any of you linux junkies knew of a good website that you might frequent for general linux questions. I'm trying to set up my integrated sound chipset and I don't think antionline is the place to do this. If anyone could provide me with some real solid discussion forum site, it would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks...

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    Try www.justlinux.com its got a lot of help files regarding many different things. Also check out The Linux Documentation Project as its got docs for a vast ammount of linux programs and such. Also, it might seem like a cliche already, but if all else fails try googling for a specific problem if you cant find help at those two sites
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    Dude the last one I am going to give you is not a Linux link but a great Link.


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    Dude the last one I am going to give you is not a Linux link but a great Link.


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    Even better than that...


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    Most distro's have mailing lists links off their main sites that contain a wealth of knowledge from users of that particular distro.

    Some even have full boards dedicated to their choice .. i.e http://www.mandrakeusers.org is a non-official board for Mandrake Linux that helped me immensely cut my teeth on Mandrake and gave me the confidence to progress onto Slackware which I am now running.

    Check out http://www.linuxiso.org/forums/ .... contains forums for many of the linux/bsd versions out there, while the main site links off to the iso's for some of the better known versions to download and try out.

    And I have to agree with phishphreek80 .... www.google.com/linux is great

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    http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/index.php? is a great forum and the doc project that Syini666 mentioned is excellent.
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