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Thread: VB Script

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    VB Script

    hey all, just quickly can any one tell me where i can get like a list of VBScript commands, im tryna learn how to make like interactive webi sites, and i dont like java script, thanx!

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    You could simply take a look at VB I mean really the only damned difference is in VB you handel those nice little API calls and you can make a real .exe instead of a dumb script. Also there are plenty of open source places that have alot of info on both perl, JS, & VBS you might wanna try and open your eyes, point and click http://www.google.com, & then "look for stuff".

    Sure I could help you a bit more with VBS if you ask a more specific or reasonable question but come on... I ain't gonna waste time writeing down all the syntax piece by piece for ya.

    Hell as a matter of fact im probably getting carpril-tunnel syndrom just by typeing this crapy post. And no offence to you or anything, man but this thread seem to come across the phrase ("Hi im lazy, please spoon feed me as much code as possable").

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