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    Exclamation SoBig virus

    Hello everyone,

    Since last few days, I am getting lots of mails with attachments ".pif" from unknown users... I know this is a virus called W32.SoBigf@mm but now many ppl are getting the same from my id...
    These mails are really frustrating... and everyday my mailbox gets full due to these...
    What can I do to prevent all this??
    Please help...
    Thank you..

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    You can tell everyone in your inbox to not open attachments or open URLs in their email in the hopes that oneday peaple will wise up a bit more. Ummm.... other than that you can do basicly nothing except update all your stuff and practice safe computing.

    Hummm.... that last phrase sounded kinda cyber-sexual.

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    To the second bit, try putting a filter on your mail box to send all mail from unknown senders (i.e. the people who aren't in your address book) to the bin, or you could do one that only filters mail with .pif attachments to the bin. What email client\online (i.e. HotmaiL) service are you using?

    As for other people receiving emails from your ID (I presume you mean email address), there's nothing you can do. The virus spoofs the receiver's address, even if it has never touched you. Just remember to keep your virus checker up to date and do a scan, to make sure you haven't got the virus yourself!
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    thanks to you ppl!!
    Now is the moment, or NEVER!!!

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