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Thread: Encrypted Web Surfing: VPN Proxies

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    Question Encrypted Web Surfing: VPN Proxies

    After spending some time at the Electronic Frontier Foundationand at the ACLU, I had become sufficiently paranoid to be concerned about every site I was visiting being analyzed for threats and showing up in some logfile with lots of red flags. I do tend to visit a lot of political sites and I didn't like the idea of someone being able to pin down my precise political views by reading a logfile. In all liklihood, I've been "flagged" as nothing more than a paranoid web user, but the idea still made me uncomfortable. Therefore, I googled the term "encrypted web surfing", and I began to pull up several of these subscription virtual private network proxy services. Does anyone here use these services regularly, and which service do you recommend?
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    Unless the government has a reason to watch you, you are just being paranoid. but... I have never used any of them, so I really can't suggest one. I just do all my surfing without a proxy and if the government has aproblem with it, big freaking deal.
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