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    Linux Internet

    I'm getting a new computer soon and on my old computer The internet wont work on linux. Is there anything that i could have on my new computer that would prevent the internetfrom working on my new computer. Like i heard about WinModems. Would that cause a failier on Linux.

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    Pretty much anything with WIN in front of it will not work with Linux.
    But if you do have a win modem in your old box, that could be the problem. Pull the old modem and try a new one. Or even better, install a network card and share the connection from your new computer.
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    yep you're not going to have a good time with winmodems on linux. Depending upon what you got you might strike it lucky and find a linux driver here


    otherwise you have a few options

    1: if on dial up get an external modem - a proper one (note a lot of external USB modems are also winmodems so be careful) - I've heard US robotics are quite good in this area but I've not got any practical experience with them. Maybe someone else can offer recommendations
    2: do as breakology suggested and fit a NIC onto your linux box and then use the windows pc as a gateway computer. Not the most elegant of solutions but it works reasonably well just for connecting to the net
    3: if you're on cable/ADSL either hook up the linux and the windows pc's to a router and go from there - or turn the linux box into a router/firewall and get your windows pc to go through linux.

    some options are easier than others....

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