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Thread: www.hackerz.org hacked..

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    www.hackerz.org hacked..

    Hey,some of u may remember me from last night when i posted a thread just like this one when i was really hot and tired and spelled dictionary.com as dicionary.com and was greated will loads of porno pop ups and thought it was hacked .Neway i was just on antioffline and they are linking to a site called http://www.hackerz.org and i noticed it has been defaced.Has anyone here been to that site before and know if its usful ?

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    I was curious and went there .. here is a paste from the html source

    <meta name="Comment" content="Ok, I just wanted to see how many stupid folks out there would think we got hacked, and hell I was also bored. - Roadie"

    Seems like they're horsing around ...
    Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows. —Jennifer Unlimited

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    Lol wrong again

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    Dominaterx, did you mean to spell it like that? you meant Dominatrix didnt you?

    Dude seriously I really seriously mean this.................. Hand write this 50 times:

    I must always check the source code first.
    I must always check the source code first.
    I must always check the s..........

    If your using internet explorer you right click>>View source. If your using Linux you'll need a hammer and some nails.

    Good Luck
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    I guess there are the "white" guys.............US......................the "black" guys...........them..........and a hell of a lot of grey inbetween?

    The site you mention would be classed as "black" in my book; and you need to be careful when you visit such places.

    As the Chinese philosopher Tsun Tsu said: "If I know everything about myself, and nothing about my enemy, my chances of winning are even"

    Be safe Stay safe

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    dont worry Dominatrix youll get it right one of these days....

    Dont concider your self to be wrong, consider it to be a lerning experieance...


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    nihil, I wouldn't classify antioffline as a dangerous place to go...there is some interesting stuff to read there, and some of it is quite funny. I'd be careful what I dl'ed off the site, but for that matter, I'd be careful about what I dl'ed off of this site too. Other than that, I don't see any need to issue warnings about visiting the site.
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