While surfing the net, I come across this tool: SoBigRemover from http://www.haysoft.com/hs/untproduct.php3?fid=12

This software must be used to detect large number of SoBig viruses in an email account and delete them remotely without the need of downloading any of them to your machine. SoBig virus is large sized email so it uses network traffic when receiving to your machine. This software can be an indispensable tool to filter your emails from these large virused emails and remove them without wasting internet traffic. WARNING: The software is not an anti-virus tool, it uses a filtering mechanism to detect these emails in your email account and to remove them. It is advised that you use also an anti-virus tool if you are infected by SoBig viruses. THE TOOL IS FOR MACHINES WHICH ARE NOT INFECTED BUT TO REMOVE A HUGE NUMBER OF SOBIG VIRUSES SENT TO ACCOUNTS OF UNINFECTED MACHINES.

This program come into handy as I just got 150 Sobig.F infected emails today
However, you can also set filters in your email client to remove those infected emails instead of using this program.