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Thread: Give the FTC a piece of your mind...

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    Give the FTC a piece of your mind...

    Looks like the FTC has an on-line complaint form...


    This is what I just sent... Please pass this around to anyone you think might be interested.

    The SCO Group has made a very public declaration that all users of
    Linux software owe them money because of unsubstantiated
    intellectual property violations ( see
    http://www.sco.com/scosource/description.html )

    The basis for their claims are: copyright infringement, trade secret
    violations and other vague "IP rights" violations.

    A lot of the source code they are using to prove copyright
    infringement wasn't actually written for (or by) SCO, but originally
    came from BSD Unix which is in the public domain. The remainder of
    their evidence has been demonstrated to come from older Unix code
    that does not have a valid copyright (a consequence of AT&T's case
    against Berkeley, which AT&T lost).

    The trade secrets claims are made against technologies like
    read-copy-update which was patented and cannot be a trade secret,
    and the JFS filesystem which was developed by IBM in an open and
    well documented manner.

    SCO, to the best of my knowledge, holds no Unix patents so I have no
    idea what other "IP rights" they are referring to in their press

    Their current business practices can be summarized in this way: (1)
    extortion: we don't have a business relationship with you, but you
    should pay us now for IP claims we haven't (or can't) substantiate
    or we'll sue you, and (2) a constant stream of ever-expanding legal
    claims and press releases designed to inflate their stock price
    (have you noticed how SCO management have been dumping stock

    Please stop the insanity.
    To further reduce the activation energy of doing this, here's all the
    info the FTC wants from you:

    The SCO Group
    355 South 520 West
    Suite 100
    Lindon, Utah 84042 USA
    801-765-4999 phone

    What is the cost of the License?
    The promotional fee for the client (desktop) license is $199.

    The promotional fees for server licenses are:

    Right to use SCO IP in a Linux distribution
    Promotional License Fee
    with 1 CPU $699
    with 2 CPUs $1,149
    with 4 CPUs $2,499
    with 8 CPUs $4,999
    Additional single CPU $749

    The promotional license fee for embedded devices is $32 per device.
    I'm using a linux "server", so I said that they wanted to charge me

    If this whole SCO does not piss you off... have a look at the insider trading from SCO... thats surely gonna boil some blood.

    SCO insider trading
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    SCO stands to loose
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