Sorry, I failed to post last week's security discussion spotlight. We were very busy last week twarting some 'net nastiness, or haven't you heard?

Anyway, here you go:

Security Spotlight: Firewalls and Honeypots
This week we spotlight firewalls and honeypots -- tools that savvy network admins use to help build impenetrable defenses.

Security Feature:

Windows Server 2003: Ship Closed and Open Up

Recent Headlines:

08.25 - Sygate Update Automates Remediation
08.22 - GFI Joins Worm War with Free E-mail Server Anti-virus
08.22 - Sobig 'Carpet Bombs' the Internet
08.20 - 'Friendly' Welchia Worm Wreaking Havoc
08.19 - Dangerous new variant of Sobig family spreading
08.18 - SAS and e-Security Ready Enterprise Security Software
08.18 - Burton Group: Strong Authentication Alternatives Gaining Traction

Have a great week!