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    Remote Request Error

    At the company I work for, I attached a laptop running 98 OS to a hub. The hub has a few desktop pcs attached creating a network. The main server(desktop) has 2000 server OS I believe. The rest of the desktops have win 2000 on them. My question is how come when I attach a laptop to the hub, where all the other computers are attached to, I cannot access the harddrives on any computers? I get an error saying that the c drive I am trying to access does not allow "remote requests?" I don't understand. I am a newbie with networking and I have searched for anything related to this problem throughout the forum, but I didn't come up with anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    PS - I hope this is in the right forum. This is my first post.

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    Are you logging into the domain with the laptop and a good username/password combination?
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    I should sincerely hope that you could not access the hard drives on other machines on your hub!!!........................you need authority and sharing options enabled?............or is it that you cannot see your own hard drive?

    I would expect that you can see the server?

    Please remember that WIN 2000 (NT5 ) uses workgroups and the like........if you don't belong..........you don't get in .................well if sysadmin has done his job?

    A bit more info. would help


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    pls explain what exactly u are trying to do....ehat are ur privilidges on the n/w.....and are u trying...log on to the domain...and then access...trying to access shares or...

    the foremost thing is u nedd to have appropriate priviliges...
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    All that is happening is, I boot up the laptop. Then under "Network Neighborhood" on the desktop, I click on Microsoft Network and the list of the other harddrives are shown. I click on one of the harddrives but then I get the error of remote request. I am thinking that on which ever computer I am trying to access to, there are some settings I should have enabled or with the main server there is something I have to do. By the way #1, thanks for the immediate help so far & #2, I hope no one out there thinks I am trying to access any computer illegally. The guy who setup the network for the company I work for was an amateur, but has been laid off and hasn't been around. So I am just trying to figure this problem out for my boss. All I want to do if figure out how my boss can access the other computers, in the network, with his laptop.

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    Enable internal drive/folder sharing.. But be sure you have a good firewall between the n/w and the inet.


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    First off, there are a lot of reasons that you may not be able to access the hard drives.

    Can other PCs access other drives on machines connected to the hub?

    Can other PCs access drives on the server?

    Check how the other PCs login - is there a domain listed in the login screen or a workgroup name?

    If there is a domain on the PCs login you will need to configure the laptop to the same domain, and add the laptop to the domain. There is plenty of info on the web - search on joining a microsoft domain.

    If other PCs cannot connect to other drives, then remote access to the individual PCs has not been enabled. But if you have access to the domain administrator ID and password you can access what are called "default shares" on each PC. Again, search the web for further info on this - probably the MS site would be best.

    Hope this helps - but come back with some further info

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    Hey thanks again guys. Xmadness, where would "enable internal drive/folders" option be located on windows 98? I can't find it.

    Golam there is a domain name with the computers that are running windows 2000. I will search the net for information on joining a NT based network with a windows 98 computer. Thanks again. If I still get nothing, I will let you know.

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