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    Question I need a program nobody else want!

    I'm working as a IT / koordinator and i'm looking for a program that can block internet explorer with or without a password. Because we have lots of people that need network access but not internet access. Hopes anybody could help me!
    Please mail me rune.andersen6@chello.no


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    If you're using a proxy server, you can do that :

    1)Under Windows, find the inetcpl.cpl.. (Cpl file are Control Panel)..
    Take away the permission for all user to access this file except Administrator. (The User don't be able to see Internet Explorer Option)
    Under Administrator, be sure the proxy setting are NOT configured.
    Be sure to delete the Connection Wizard from their local computer.

    2)If you're over a Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 Server, you can play with the group policy. I don't think Windows NT and Windows 98 Poledit work for that.

    3)If you're router/hub provide direct Internet access to anyone plug in your phycical network but not member of your domain, you should set a proxy to stop them.
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    Do you have a router? You could block access to port 80 for the users you don't want on the web.
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    Originally posted here by breakology
    Do you have a router? You could block access to port 80 for the users you don't want on the web.
    That should stop most browsing, and those that require it can have specific 'allow' rules for their machines.

    But what about proxy servers?

    Can they be stopped by blocking port 8080?

    Or is this more complex than that?

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    If people are assigned to parcific machines and thay all have profiles, why do you not just disable the internet rights in there profile??


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    Hi Rune,

    This is proving very very popular with NetAdmins in Britain at the moment.


    You can use it in conjunction with a Websense URL filter or just on its own.

    Hope its of help.

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    For your situation, I think the best solution would be to put a proxy and restrict those that do not need access to the internet.

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