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    Where did you guys get his book at? I wouldn't mind reading it.
    Why? It's crap to be honest and most of it is a cut'n'paste from the Happy Hacker website.

    Basically the book is good for newbies, I personally question the ethics however we all need to know what is out there, so I look at it that way.
    A newbie with Windows 95 and a desire to get arrested perhaps. Any book that advocates that one should attack their ISP because that's what they're there for should be suspect. I'd hugely question his ethics. What's in the book is definately stuff that can be found online easily. Very little is unique or new and seems to deal with strictly Windows 95 (not even much on NT/2000 or *nix).
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    Hmm....well ankit also had some issues with his credibility. Much of the text he had written was not actually his own work. Quite a few professionals in the field have denounced him of copying some of his work. If you read some of the reviews on his books, you will find several comments denouncing him.

    I think I stumbled on AO by reading Maxim magazine...not really sure....

    Personally I think he's a fluke who with some copy/paste information that he found on the web, printed some pages out, and showed them to an ignorant part of some Indian Village and they found him to be a genious....hardly. His own people call him a fluke. Perhaps just a script kiddie?!?!
    here are some quotes from his reviews.
    I'm not sure what's up with all the great previous reviews. My guess is the writers of those reviews aren't extremely knowledgable in network security. This book is riddled with inaccuracies, ranging from completely and absolutely wrong statements to misleading information. I never got through more than 5 pages without finding another instance of misleading or incorrect information. The author's age - 17 years old - most definitely shows. He comes off as more of a "script kiddie" than anything. He obviously doesn't have the in-depth security, networking, and systems knowledge that a true security expert with a number of years of real world experience would have. On the positive side, it does have some good information, but not valuable nor significant enough to make up for the amount of bad info. I'd look elsewhere - this is definitely not a book I'd recommend.

    "The press ... are generally tech-illiterate and wouldn't know a digital signature from any other signature. So they print nonsensical sentences apparently said by Ankit," says Madhu Menon, an internet usability consultant.


    Also on his interviews...Ankit mentions that his favorite hacker is Kevin Mitnick, and he uses the same style as kevin....but the media ignorance prints it out as Ankit beeing a l337 Haxor when in fact he just downloaded the same tools Mitnick used...clearly a script kiddie.

    Official guide to waste your money!, April 26, 2004
    Reviewer: Abhinav Chopra (see more about me) from abhi@abhinav.net - New Delhi, India
    This book is a waste of your hard earned money, because if you need scripts that don't work and doesn't help you at all in hacking or protecting yourself from a cracker, you can just get millions of those from the Internet for free. You don't have to pay a 14 year old kid to compile it and give it to you for US$49!

    I bought this book because it had a very interesting title. I regret my decision of buying this book as there is nothing in it that can be used and it's taking up the space in my bookshelf. Maybe, I will throw this book or give it to someone (some people those who never say no to free things).

    You don't have to pay US$ 49 for a book that has nothing but freely available scripts copied and pasted from the Internet.

    As rightly mentioned in one of the reviews here, it's a waste of money, ink, paper, and time. You will end up throwing this book in a bin with learning only one thing how to be a bit smarter before buying a book that has an interesting title.


    This book has far too many mistakes. For example, on page 44 (in the "Advanced Windows Hacking" section!) it says, "Win.ini and system.ini constitute the Windows registry." Umm, no, that'd be system.dat and user.dat. And in this "Ethical Hacking" book, why are there comments like (also on page 44), "Say, you have a clueless newbie as your friend and want to give him a nasty scare, what do you do... This is actually a very lame trick but a good one to really scare newbies..." This passage will also give you a good idea of the language and tone used throughout. For professional coverage of hacking, see the "Hacking Exposed" books.
    Script Kiddo !, April 25, 2003
    Reviewer: Sauron from Manila,Phillipines
    I think this is the worst book i would have ever read in security. I could tolerate the rest, but not this, which is why i was compelled to go online and write this review.

    This book should have been sold to kiddos.. just like him.

    I am a member of a foreign Cyber Crimes Division, and oh pleaze.. those material , it's Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V stuff !

    And recently in those Hack2002, seminar,s in KL...i was there..and it clearly proves...this boy is a Script Kiddo.
    If you are a beginner and know how to use a search engine such as google, then you will get all the information in this book for free from the Net (I bet thats what the author did as well). I have been working in Security for over 9 years and I don't understand what is so special about this book - more like garbage to me. Check out Ryan Russell's - Hack Proofing Your Network - 2nd Editon and Mike Shiffeman's new - Building Open Source Network Security tools. These are worth spending $$
    For christ's sake, read all the reviews in here...and save yourself the 50 bucks....



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    the FBI rating hacking website????

    OHMAGOSH THIS ONE CAN REALLY **** UP A WEBSERVER...I"LL GIVE IT A 10??? <---That kind of review???

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    Greetings All:

    When his book was published, he got himself into all sorts of trouble with the press by mentioning me in several interviews they did of him. He told them what good friends we were, and how I loved his book, and how we may work on some projects together in the future.

    The problem? CNN called me asking to comment about his book, and I had never heard of him before.

    He claimed to had written the entire book in like a month or something like that too if I remember correctly? Mittens is right, he accomplished the task by copy/pasting tutorials from websites (including AntiOnline).

    Judging by that, I wouldn't trust much of anything the guy had to say.

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    I'm curious though....a lot of websites...very few of which seem legit...claim that he works for some national security ****...and that he has earned so many medals and honors...Is India and the rest of the World blind?

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    The last time I heard about him was about two months ago in a newspaper article talking about some kind of virus. It mentioned that he's going to Stanford to get a degree.
    P.S: I got his book and never read it, since , IMO, it's written in a very cartoonish way.
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    lol,yeah..I did get his book*SOB!* please PLEASE dont buy it ANYONE!!!hmm I prolly should've gone for this"Anyone want it for a buck?a dime?a CENT?!"
    anyways,yes the book is a COMPLETE ripoff,and Cyber1d,the reason why India and the rest of the world 'look up' to him is cos he's creating some kind of security awareness..lol,I hear he tells ppl to use trojans to hack ppl in his seminars hmm..I think his book also carries some kind of message in the back saying that the FBI asked him for help on steganography after 9/11...now,I admit I'm not l33t but puhlease!!lmao

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